Lifts, Backhoes, and Other Equipment in Bradenton


We rent tow-behind and drive-around units of varying heights. We're sure to have the right lift for your job.


We carry a large range of pumps, including 3" diaphragm pumps, 2" centrifugal pump, 1" and 2" submersible pumps.


We sell and rent Gadsden scaffolding in standard 5' and 6'6" inch walk-through sections, with the base measuring 5'x7'. You can easily achieve multiple levels by stacking the 5' sections. We also stock the accessories you'll need, including walk boards, planks, casters, leveling jacks, and guard rails. In addition, we offer complete  sets of baker-style scaffolding.

Concrete & Chain Saws

We offer 14", 16", and 20" Chainsaws. Your rental includes a wrench, bar oil, and a can of mix. 14" Concrete saws are also available with a full assortment of blades.


Our chain trencher is 6" wide and cuts up to 36" deep. We also stock a 12" EZ-Trencher, commonly used for irrigation. Its cutting wheel is 3" wide and cuts up to 12" into the ground.

Stump Grinders

Our team grinds and sharpens our stump machine's carbon teeth after every rental. We also offer the lowest price for wood chipper rentals in Manatee County without sacrificing proper maintenance!

Sod Cutters/Lawn-Garden/Tree Trimming


Backhoes & Trackhoes

We offer several varieties of backhoes such as the popular mini excavator and the Terramite backhoe.

Equipment for Sale

We sell our equipment long before it is "used up". Call us for new equipment listings or to ask questions. We will also be happy to order in any new equipment you might need at competitive prices.

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